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June 14, 2022

Wattum Expands with 35 MW of Bitcoin Mining Capacity in Louisiana

Wattum is expanding its mining operations in the United States with the launch of a new Bitcoin mining site in Bastrop, LA. The site is connected...

March 31, 2022

Wattum Expands US Presence with 14 MW Bitcoin Mining Facility in Georgia

Wattum Management Inc. (“Wattum”) has expanded colocation availability for their clients at a Bitcoin mining facility in West Point, Georgia with EZ Blockchain, a crypto facility design and construction company based out of Chicago, IL.

bitcoin magazine
March 16, 2022


The Bitcoin mining industry is targeting retail miners more than ever before, and the mining market is fundamentally changing to serve this demographic. Part disruptive trend, part return to tradition, the focus on small-scale mining is an echo of Bitcoin’s early years when transactions were mined at home (or in offices and dorms) with personal computers.

July 27, 2021

Mining Difficulty Expected to Increase for the First Time Since China Crackdown

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty may be set to increase for the first time since China’s crackdown on crypto mining in May. A rapid expansion of mining facilities in North America and the return of Chinese miners through overseas hosting sites are two major factors that will drive up mining difficulty, according to industry pros.

May 20, 2021

Integrated Ventures Signs Multi Year Colocation Agreement With Wattum Management

Integrated Ventures, Inc. (OTCQB: INTV) ("INTV" or "Company"), is pleased to confirm the execution of a 24-month colocation and hosting contract for cryptocurrency mining services with Wattum Management, Inc, ("Wattum"), a facility management company and North American largest distributor of mining equipment focused on servicing large-scale clients with hosting locations thru-out USA, Russia and Canada.

April 13, 2021

Integrated Ventures Set to Buy $35M Worth of Bitcoin Mining Equipment

Pennsylvania tech company Integrated Ventures has entered a purchasing agreement to buy $35 million worth of bitcoin mining equipment. In a partnership with Wattum Management, a New York mining management firm, Integrated Ventures has purchased 4,800 Antminer model S19Js for $34 million from ASIC manufacturer Bitmain. Additionally, the company also purchased 150 WhatMiner PO-2s for $1 million dollars.

coin telegraf
April 13, 2021

US firm splashes out on 4,800 Bitcoin miners worth $34M

A U.S. firm expects to double its Bitcoin hashing power after the purchase of 4,800 new S19J mining rigs from Bitmain.Pennsylvania software firm Integrated Ventures has announced the purchase of 4,800 Bitcoin (BTC) mining rigs from Chinese manufacturer Bitmain. The deal is worth just over $34 million and will see 400 of Bitmain’s Antminer model S19J’s delivered to Integrated Ventures each month for the next year.

coin telegraf
June 05, 2020

The Antminer T19 by Bitmain may not have a big impact on the Bitcoin network, and it comes out amid the firm’s internal and post-halving uncertainty.

Earlier this week, Chinese mining-hardware juggernaut Bitmain unveiled its new product, an application-specific integrated circuit called Antminer T19. The Bitcoin (BTC) mining unit is the latest to join the new generation of ASICs — state-of-the-art devices designed to mitigate increased mining difficulty by maximizing the terahashes-per-second output.

June 17, 2021

Wattum to Build Kazakhstan Mining Farm in Conjunction With Enegix

Wattum, a U.S.-based mining company, signed a deal for a farm in Kazakhstan run by Enegix. The two announced Thursday they will build a mining facility with a capacity to provide 16 megawatts of energy for mining machines. They also committed to investing $2 million in the enterprise. Construction is expected to start in July.

September 7, 2021

Bitcoin Miner Profits Remain High Despite Surges in Mining Difficulty. Today’s 4.5% increase is the fourth consecutive upward difficulty adjustment. But it’s slowing.

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty, a metric that describes how difficult it is for miners to find new bitcoin blocks and earn rewards, has seen a small jump after its dramatic 13% surge two weeks ago.

bitcoin magazine
February 18, 2022


Despite the bitcoin price remaining far from its all-time high, social data demonstrates that retail interest in mining bitcoin is surging.


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